Challenge Americas 2017
213: Application Auditing made Easy
The Progress OpenEdge database comes with a powerful auditing component. It also empowers the developer to raise custom audit triggers.

In this session the basic requirements of implementation and the 4GL elements contributing to this tool are discussed and demonstrated.

455: Distributing software in a low bandwidth environment
Rolling out a new version of WebClient as well as the entire WebClient package seems simple with the tools provided.

However, when the data center supports over eight hundred users at over fifty sites, mostly connected to the Internet via 4Mbps ADSL, a "big bang" roll-out becomes problematic. Once the data center is upgraded, the traditional method would result in almost eight hundred users hitting the data center simultaneously at the start of business to download the web client and the software update. This would lead to contention that could paralyze many sites for a day or more.

This case study looks at the way this was achieved by a large software provider in South Africa, also lessons learnt and common pitfalls to avoid.