We are a certified Progress Service Delivery Partner and our skill set is very diverse.

  • We have vast experience in creating or tailoring elegant, custom solutions. Our methodologies vary and range from very traditional approaches to the SDLC to SCRUM and prototyping, depending on the situation and the client`s needs or requirements.
  • We work on a daily basis with various systems, most of them business oriented.
  • We have done many successful integrations in the past. Some were point-to-point and others were much more generic.
  • We are building our experience daily using Progress Development Studio for OpenEdge (PDSOE), ChUI, ABL GUI for .Net and other proprietary frameworks. We also have experience in the AppBuilder and other traditional GUIdevelopment.
  • We are well versed in Progress OpenEdge Database administration and was involved in assisting with migration and recovery of databases in excess of 130 GB.

We employ cloud computing and leverage cloud infrastructures and multiple access points to it.

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